Paper-poly Kraft, also referred to as paper laminated or paper woven bags, are a type of bag that combines a paper outer shell with an inner lining made of woven polypropylene. This inner lining provides protection against moisture, making these bags suitable for storing grains, seeds, pet foods, flour, rice, sugar, fertilizers, frozen products, certain chemicals, and building materials. Despite their similar appearance and texture to standard multiwall paper bags, paper-poly Kraft bags offer enhanced strength, durability, puncture, and tear resistance, as well as increased resistance to moisture.


The outer paper layer can be either natural Kraft or bleached white, and the inner layer of woven polypropylene is laminated to the paper using a PE coating, which makes these bags highly durable and long-lasting. With the help of technology and experience, the bags have been designed to address various issues such as breakages during transport and enable fully automated operations.
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