Poly Mesh BAGS

Poly mesh bags are commonly used in agriculture to package various types of products such as onions, potatoes, and corn, as well as for bulky items like firewood and certain automotive and sporting goods. These bags are made of loosely woven polypropylene fibers, which make them lightweight yet durable. Their high visibility makes them attractive to buyers, and their strength, flexibility, and breathability make them an economical packaging option.

We Offer Variety of Poly Mesh Bags

At GENOPAK Solutions, we offer a variety of stock sizes and colors of poly mesh bags, or we can work with you to create custom bags that meet your specific needs. Our poly mesh bags come with heavy-duty black woven draw tapes that provide added strength and secure closure. We also offer print bands on all of our woven poly mesh bags, allowing you to customize them with your logo and product information. Depending on your needs, our bags can be machine- or hand-sewn shut.

By upholding exceptional standards, we have successfully built a diverse global clientele base across numerous corners of the world. Our steadfast commitment is reflected in our consistent exports to esteemed destinations like Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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